Investment & Common Questions

  • What Am I Investing In?
    An experienced, self-taught photographer with a great eye for portraits and scenery photos.  The session you pay for will include a pre-photo shoot consultation via email or phone of what you are looking for, in your photo session for up to one hour.  (Unless otherwise specified)  You may also have as many “looks” as you would like during the session.  If you prefer a location other than the places listed below, let me know – I am open to adventure!
  • What is Included in Each Session:
    A pre-photo shoot consultation via email or phone of what you are looking for.  We will plan your session according to what you desire it to look like.
    Each photo session is for up to one hour on location unless otherwise specified.
    Two photographers on site during the session.
    As many “looks” as you wish and we can fit in our time limit.
    Disc of close to all photos taken on shoot with a separate folder including multiple edited photos  (up to 30 for an one hour session)  with permission for you to use the photos as you wish.
    Please allow up to 2 weeks after the session for sorting and editing.  The disc will then be mailed or delivered to you.  If you did not pay the session amount and imposed a Late Fee (see below), the photos will not be edited or sent until the fee and session amount is paid for in full.
    Photographers choice of photos  (approximately 5-10 photos for an one hour session)  to be published on blog and Facebook Page.
  • Locations For Sessions:  Orange County, CA
    If outside of central area, an additional mileage fee may apply to session fee.

    • Downtown San Juan  –  For the rustic feel with brick walls, train tracks, and old-town coffee shops.  (With a petting zoo for the kids!)


    • Laguna Beach  –  Great for freestyle, romantic sunset and candid photo shoots.  (Especially with pets and children!)


    • Ladera Ranch Bike Trails  –  Seemingly out in the middle of nowhere!  Beautiful sunset and candid photos.


    • Saddleback Church Lake Forest  –  Beautiful church campus with a gorgeous mix of backgrounds and settings.


    • Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano  –  Simple elegance.  Plenty of nature and old-style buildings to make perfect backdrops!


    • Soka University  –  Beautiful college campus in Aliso Viejo.  Surrounded by trees, flowers, hills, and gazebos.  Always a beautiful scenery – no matter what time of the day.

    • Other  – Know of somewhere else you would love to go?  Let me know!
  • Date, Time, & Pricing:
    All sessions are priced for one hour at location unless otherwise specified.

    For prices and to schedule exact date or time, or to discuss what dates are open, please feel free to email me!

    • Family Portraits – Come together as a family and have fun! Separates included for each member and Fluffy, too!
    • Couples – Celebrate your love with each other!  The perfect gift to surprise your loved one with.  To cherish your love together in a still-frame photograph that you, your friends, and your family would love to see and enjoy for years to come!
    • Engagements – Show off the dazzling ring!  During the surprising proposal, or return to the location afterwards for the session!
    • Weddings – Varies to your specific needs for your perfect day.
    • Friends – Get that perfect new Facebook profile picture you’ve been wanting for so long!
    • Individuals – Portraits and head shots you need for acting, professional social networking, or just for fun!  This is the perfect session to get creative and show off who you truly are!
  • What to Wear:
    Always remember to be yourself and wear what is comfortable for you!  You can decide whether to have the portraits to be formal, or completely casual!Feel free to bring multiple outfits/accessories/sweaters to create fun interaction and diversity.  (Think of the whole family in pajamas or all of you wearing the same shoes.)Don’t shy away from patterned shirts or accessories such as hats and scarves – this adds more personality and fun to a photo shoot!  (If you choose solid colors, remember that the more saturated/muted the tone, the better!)

    Also think about the reason for your photo shoot:  Whether you will use these for the family Christmas card, senior portraits, to scrapbook later on, to hang in your home, or if they are “just because they’re cute,” photos.  Choose colors and accessories/props that will relate to what you desire the photo shoot to look like!

  • What to Bring:
    Multiple outfits/accessories as written above.  Props can also add a personal touch to a photograph!
    For individual photo shoots, focus on accessories that express who you are.  You can also bring props from certain hobbies that you love!
    For group/couple/family photos, maybe bring some fun games that you enjoy playing together, childhood toys, flowers  (great for “couple” photos!)…  Whatever you want!
    Don’t forget Fluffy:  Your pet is more than welcome to join!
  • Payment:
    Payment is due day of session.  You may pay with cash or by check.  Late payments will include an additional 30% Late Fee per week in which the payment is late.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:
    Sometimes things come up and you may have to cancel or reschedule – and that’s okay!  If you need to reschedule your session for a different date or time, please try to do so at least 3 days prior to our scheduled date.

    If you cancel/reschedule your session with less than 24 hoursnotice before our scheduled time, or if you do not appear for the session we had scheduled, a Late Cancellation Fee will be imposed.  This late fee is 30% of the session amount you had scheduled for previously.  You must pay this fee in order to re-schedule a new session date or time.

    If weather is an issue, that is okay, too.  Sometimes it makes for beautiful and stunning photographs.  Although, if you cancel due to the weather, the late fee you pay will be credited to you and applied to our next re-scheduled session within 6 months of our original date.

Feel free to email me @ to introduce yourself or to ask any questions!  We can discuss what you are looking for in your photo shoot, when you would like to meet, and how we can best use our time at the location you choose!
This photo shoot is for you, after all!

God Bless,
Taylor Sheuerman

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