Who’s That Girl?

I’ve never changed as much as I have within the past few years. Jesus Christ is my savior, and I’m constantly growing in my faith. I read, write, craft like crazy and Geocache. I try my best in anything I do. Photography is my passion and it’s how I express who I am. I’ve gone through a lot, and all it’s done is made me a stronger person. My boyfriend, Nathan, and I have been dating for almost three years now, and I could not be happier. I can’t wait to discover the world, and see places I didn’t know existed. I’d love to change as many lives as possible within my own. Simply making someone smile, makes every heartache in life worthwhile.

Even after reading all of this, I’m still not quite what you’d expect.

The point of me starting this blog is to share my thoughts with whoever will listen/read. To share my photography. And sometimes, I come to the conclusion that having a private journal t isn’t satisfying enough – I’d prefer to share it with the world.

So…. Take a journey with me through my life!

2 Responses to Who’s That Girl?

  1. Heather says:

    I just wanted to say that… I LOVE YOU!!!!! Your blog is really cool and your pictures are beautious. =] ❤

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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