VA Tip of the Week: Be Yourself

The biggest mistake in Social Media is to try to be someone you’re not.

If someone wants to friend you, follow you, or subscribe to you, they want the real you in return. You can tell when someone is trying too hard. It makes them suddenly uninteresting – that’s not what you want!

Even if you have a Virtual Assistant helping you, make sure that they are equipped with the right wording and content to be prepared to talk for you. The should know how you respond to comments, posts and tweets. This includes posting for you and conversing for you to your network and clients. You don’t want a clear division of content when you vs. your VA are online!

Remember to always have fun – even if it’s on a professional level! You don’t need to have a strict format of what to say, when to say it, or who you can talk to/be friends with. Social Media is open for everyone and is supposed to be Social. Never waste an opportunity for it!

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