Creating a Welcome Landing Page for Your Facebook Fan Page

“How to Create a Welcome Landing Page for Your Facebook Fan Page

(For this, I used the iFrames Wildfire App.)

Before, I was intimidated by this idea of creating a whole new landing page to my Fan Page… But after reading this article, I decided to give it a try. It’s actually very easy to do!


Here is the process I went through:

I installed the app to my Facebook account, and added it to my TMinspired Fan Page.

Then, it will take you to the application where you will see three options: The “Fan Gate,” “Fan’s View,” and “Non-Fan’s View”

If the “Fan Gate” option is selected “on,” your landing page will change whether the person already “LIKES” the page or not.   For example: If a person views your page for the very first time, they will see the “Non-Fans View” section.  If they already “LIKE” you, and return to your page later, they will see the “Fans View.”  Very simple to understand! I love how it is laid out.

If this option is selected “off,” EVERYONE viewing this landing page will see the same content on the page. Easy!

Fans View and Non-Fans View Banners:

Personally, I am more comfortable using “paint” on my computer, to gather images, text, ect, and create the content for these sections. But if you like, you can always use HTML to receive a more advanced look to your page.

But we’re going for clean and simple, right?

Here are the two pages I created for my first landing pages:

Non-Fans View:

Fans View:

Here is how I did it, and how you can do it too:

Open up paint. Resize your background to the size you’d like for the landing page. They suggest your width to be 520px, but I used the dimensions 436 x 625 by randomly dragging the corners of the page out. (Not suggested, but you can, too!) They resized it for me to fit it into the section allowed.

Psst… If you are ever unsure of your choice in size, you can always upload a simple color-block image in the app to test the width and size of it. Just simply upload it into the Fans View or Non-Fans View box, SAVE it, and then click on “preview.”)

I chose my picture to add into the background, and resized to my desired dimensions. To do this, open up a picture in paint in a NEW window. Then, click on “Image > Stretch And Skew” up on the top toolbar. When the popup window opens, change the “100%” boxes in the STRETCH section of the window (Leave the Skew section alone – you don’t need it) and change it to 50% or lower. (This will vary depending on how large the photograph is originally.)

Then, use the dotted line box in your toolbar section, and select the entire image you would like to use. Right click and select, “copy.” Then open up the first paint window and “paste” your image to it. Drag and drop this image to your desired spot.

Choose your background color and customize around the image you added to your preference.

Adding Font to the Landing Page:  Clicking on the “A” in the toolbar section of paint, you will be able to add text. Choose the font you want. Size, color, ect. Then, you can use the same dotted line box in the toolbar to drag and drop your words wherever you want on this image. Fill the white space with your background color as you move along. I moved the font MANY times when creating this landing page, to get it JUST right.  You can then add anything else you would like to this image. (I found the arrow on a Google image search, and customized it to my liking.)

From here – you’re done!

Click on “File > Save As” and choose your name for your file. Make sure to save it in a JPG, GIF or PNG format, otherwise the application will reject your image and you will need to RE-save it!

To create a Non-Fan View page:

You can use the same steps as above, but instead of creating everything from scratch, the EASIER way to do it, is to move the text and images around, adding and taking away as you move forward. This gives it a cohesive feel to your pages, but also leaves diversity!

To add your new landing pages to the application:

Choose “Browse…” on the box underneath “Fans View” and select the appropriate landing page you created in paint. Select and upload! Do the same for the “Non-Fans View,” as well.

Make sure to AGREE to the terms and conditions. Then you may click on “Save & Preview.”

This link will take you to your page as you’re logged in right now. If you are a fan of your own page, you will see the Fans View. If you are NOT a fan of your own page, you will see the Non-Fans View. You can “unlike” your page to see it change, and re-like it to go back to the normal settings.

Making your NEW welcome page the LANDING page:

Click on “Edit Page” at the top right corner of your Fan Page. (When viewing your WALL – which is the defaulted landing page.) This should take you to the “Manage Permissions” tab. You will see the section called, “Default Landing Tab:” and a drop down menu. Use that drop down menu and select your new page. (Automatically called, “Welcome,” but you can change this in the apps settings.)

Make sure to SAVE your changes before leaving the page.

Now you’re all set! You have created your landing pages – quick and easy!


If you have ANY questions, or would like me to elaborate on anything, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, or post your question on my Fan Page Wall!

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Virtual Assistant
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