My Dog Is Crazy

Meet Lily:

My runt-of-the-litter-super-tiny-Yorkie. She is the smallest of her siblings, but also the most hyper.

Here is the main thing I have learned over the past five years with my dog:

She is afraid of everything.

She is afraid of people. Especially large groups of people. Unless she is tucked away in her bag, she will shake and cry the entire time we’re out shopping, walking, ect.

If she doesn’t know you and you come near me, her, or her sister Lucy…

She will bark like crazy until you go away. If you don’t go away, she will run away from you, and/or hide behind me. Of course, barking the entire time. (There’s a reason why her middle name is Cujo…)

When we go to the beach, she runs around in circles, barking at everything in sight. And now, she is afraid of the ocean and will barely get her feet wet. (No idea why or when that mindset started happening, because she used to love to running along the shoreline.)

She is afraid of car rides if the windows are down. Mainly the sound of the other cars, I think. Especially the noises that semi trucks and buses make.

She’s afraid of her dog bowl, because her dog tag sometimes clings on the rim of it. The only time she will eat is when the bowl is so full, it’s almost overflowing with food. But with the water bowl, it’s totally fine if the tag clings.

There are plenty of other things that she’s afraid of that are probably slipping my mind right now. I could easily add to this post overtime, as I think of a whole other list, but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

I also obviously noticed how she won’t let me sleep at night.

We lived in an apartment (That’s a whole other story…) for a year and a half, with a second story balcony with a dog patch for her to come and go as she pleased. Now, in a house without a gated yard in front or behind us, she doesn’t have that option. And it’s really hard to break this habit we created for her. Maybe there is something I miss about that apartment… (Never thought I’d say that!)

So now, she wakes up at 3 or 4 in the morning, wanting to go outside. If I don’t hear her jump off of my bed, she will pee on my carpet, and THEN scratch on my door wanting out. I have tried everything to wake up and catch her before that happens. And we can’t let her wonder because she will do the same downstairs as she would in my room. Even if I put a leash on her and hold her on my bed before she jumps down, she makes this terrible choking noise, and won’t quit. So that’s a bummer.

But recently, I had an idea to make her stay put.

I took one of the most scary things to her: “The Gate,” and locked us in on my bed.

I have enough space to step between my bed and the gate, but she will not dare to risk jumping on the floor… Just in case it causes the gate to make a clinging noise!

The first night I did this, she wasn’t sure what to do. I wish I took a video to show how silly she was being. She sat and stared at me, probably asking me in a very, I assume, high-pitched voice, “Why are you doing this to me?!”

But sure enough, at 6am, she didn’t have the option to jump off of my bed. So instead, she decided to wake me up. JUST what I wanted!

Now, about four or five days into this experiment, she has the hang of it. Just the other night, she even slept until 8:30am!

Maybe one day I can stop using the gate. Maybe, then, my room wouldn’t look so ridiculous with a fence around my bed…. But for now, as long as she’s not risking ruining the carpet, or my beloved beauty sleep… The gate is here to stay.

By the way, I thought I should mention how much I love my dog to death. I love all the quirky things she does, and would never ask for a dog any different than her. She is the most loving, snuggly, adorable little dog I have ever seen. I love her like crazy.


All I wanted was sleep.

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