“If Only” Poem

Lets take a blast into the past from my journal. On February 2nd, 2006, I wrote this poem.

Yes, it is about a boy. No, it is not about the same boy I wrote about in one of my earlier blogs, “It Was Magic: My Teenage Love Story – Minus The Happy Ending
This poem is about my first relationship with a boy, and my way of expressing myself after we broke up. It was a quick relationship, a quick break up, and not much was said afterwards. But I guess a little part of me was hurt by this boy, and my way of coping was writing 50+ poems filled with my frustrations. And it worked.
Sometimes, words are so much easier to write down instead of saying them outloud.

LOVE this poem, though. Not sure why. It’s just one of my favorites. 🙂 Enjoy!

“If Only” – February 2nd, 2006

Blue as the sky,
I could melt like water in your arms.
I fell in love with your eyes,
If only you could’ve felt the same as I did.

You understood me,
Or tried to with all your might.
You and me, me and you.
Together, there was no one else in sight.

You made my world go round,
Until you crushed it with my heart.
Nothing, only the sound,
Of the tears beginning to start.

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