Sixty Seconds

So many things can happen in just one minute. Major life changing experiences that can sometimes be for the better, and sometimes it happens for the worse. A friendship could end or a friendship could begin, a person close to you could become hurt in some way, or a person you know could be paralyzed for four+ months and suddenly wake up. You could make a wish and blow out your birthday candles, praying that your wish would come true, no matter how ridiculous it is. Or maybe someone could crush all of your dreams with one, single sentence, all just in one minute. Sixty seconds changed my life.

Maybe if you know what happened in the very beginning, you’ll understand a lot more about my story and my life. Learn more about me, about the thoughts I have and my reasoning with how I live. I’ve changed a lot within this past year, and a year isn’t a very long time, if you think about it. I lost myself for a while, but I’m back to being the person I was before, but stronger now than I have ever been.

I have always wanted to become a writer; it was always my dream. As far back as I can remember, I would always be writing. Every picture we have, I’m always holding a crayon, or at least a pencil. I used to play with pencils and pens when I was a baby; I guess I found them fascinating. Once I could, I would write with drawing pictures, frame by frame. I’d use a computer or even just pencils and paper, and constantly be thinking about new stories that I could come up with. There weren’t enough hours in a day for me to write. It’s my life time hobby and I know that it is bound to be in my future.

My dream is to capture the memories and art in words. If I can make one person feel better about themselves because they know that they are not alone, if I could just make one person smile by my stories and my words; if I can change just one persons life, my own will feel complete.

Living life to the fullest is the only way to live. Everyone should go by those words, and then maybe the world could be better. It probably wouldn’t be completely fixed, but it would be a better place than what we live in now. If we all come together, help each other, and get along, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many suicides or murders. The world could be such a happier place, and people just don’t know how to understand. Most are ignorant and care only about what is happening to their personal life. They don’t know what is happening to the world and the people around them and they don’t appreciate what they have. They don’t remember that time is precious and that life is short. There are teenage girls, starving themselfs because they think the skinnier they are, the prettier they will be. Then there are kids in Africa that don’t have enough food to eat to be full.

How can a parent ignore their child? Walks by without even looking at them, sometimes stopping to just say “hi.” How do they sleep at night knowing nothing about what is going on around them? They think everything doesnt need to be discussed, and possibly argued about. The only time to talk to or argue with them is whenever they decide to. It’s always on their time, for anything. Anything at all. Always.

What are teenagers and kids learning about life? Not just school with history, math, and grammar. What about the real world, the scary one where you could die any second. The one that could instantly change your life completely. Some parents don’t pay attention to their kids and let them get wrapped up in things that ruin their lives. The kids are the future, why would we ruin our chances of what we live on to be a better planet, a better Earth?

Friendship is sometimes the greatest bond two or more people could have with each other. You have someone to talk to, to get and give advice from or simply hang out with and watch movies while eating popcorn. Life has its way of testing friendships, no matter how strong they are. You may think that someone cares about you, but you’re never sure until something happens – something really life changing. And either they will be there for you, but they have the ability to leave you all alone, with no one to turn to, and sometimes that’s what they choose.

It’s amazing how a scent can make you remember so many different things. A perfume reminds you of your grandmother, or the smell of coffee reminds you of a close friend. Memories have a way of reminding you of what had happened in your past. The memories you forgotten and thought they were just a dream. They can take you far back into your life, and possibly remind you of the things you only wanted to forget. Lost forever in your mind, buried deep behind everything else.

The past year in my life has been a stressful one. Everything has changed; everyone’s emotions were everywhere and it was as if not one person thought before they spoke. My parents divorced, and as much as I knew it was coming, it still took me by surprise. My trusts with people and new friends were made, and the trust I had with former friends have been shattered.

They say you never realize what you have until it’s gone, but what about the people that never realized they had it at all?

“Let your roots grown down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” – Colossians 2:7

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